Tuesday, December 13, 2016

November 27, 2016

what's a thanksgiving?

So first off: Yeah, they don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, so actually forgot about it existing until Friday or Saturday and it hit me suddenly that I could have been having a big feed on Thursday but missed out! Oh well. I did get my Christmas package though so that's pretty cool! Got here waaaaay earlier than I thought it would, though. I had shipped a couple packages from Australia to Utah before and it had taken a month and a half or so. Not complaining though! Got some slacks in a bigger size and some candy, stuff like that. Monday we didn't do much for p-day, like usual. But today we're doing p-day with the Innisfail missionaries for a district p-day! Noice! Tuesday we watched the videos of zone conference. Since we live so far away from the rest of the mission (a 2 1/2 hour plane flight away) they just recorded the trainings and things and sent the videos to us. They were good though, and President McSwain gave a training about the Church's Christmas initiative this year, which I am SO excited for. They gave us heaps of pass along cards to hand out for it and basically every day in December they have a different suggestion on how to serve somebody else. After watching those we helped a guy in our ward paint a gazebo for a couple hours. Wednesday we had service as well but the investigator we were doing it for wouldn't answer his door because he was sleeping so we just found something to do and left, haha. That night we had a BBQ with the Clarks, the family with the son we baptized recently and the mom's investigating the church and the dad's a returning member, had some delicious meat and a good lesson about prophets. So Wednesday and Thursday we had really productive days but Friday and Saturday really slowed down because no one was around. But we continued to be diligent and things. Overall good week. The music organizer sister asked me to play for sacrament meeting next week because the normal lady is in New Zealand for a few weeks. Yikes! But yeah we're doing well and hope all is well on your end as well! 
Elder Cummings

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