Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 28, 2017

its aight

So this week was pretty good. Nothing super exciting to report. Most of what we did was door knock and meet members, since both of us are new in the area. We tried seeing the investigators, but there's only a couple and they weren't available, so this next week we're trying to build up the teaching pool and get things going. My first district meeting went good. There's 4 companionships in the district, including the office elders and the assistants, but because the office elders/assistants are so busy they apparently don't make it to district meeting a lot of the time. But the office elders were able to come and I gave a training in district meeting on companionship unity. Other than that as a district leader I call the district a couple times a week just to see how things are going, invite them to work on certain things, report their key indicators to the zone leaders, and yeah that's basically it. One of my previous companions, Elder Banks, in an office elders so I'm glad I'll get to see more of him often. We had a bbq at our ward mission leader's house. He's really cool. He owns a boxing gym. And he's filipino. But he's not manny pacquiao :( In this zone we get to play touch-rugby with 6 or 7 other elder companionships a couple mornings a week so that's really fun, even though I'm no good at juking people out. But yeah hope everything is going good. 
Elder Cummings

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

May 21, 2017

May 7, 2017

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017


So most mornings for exercise we go for a run through this park that always has heaps of kangaroos jumping around and I finally brought my camera to take some shots. Usually when we get close they jump away but this one morning this big buff one just stood up and stared at us and we got pretty close but we dared not go past it. It was a buff kangaroo. Apparently if they feel threatened they can either box you, put you in a headlock, or grab you with their arms and gore you with the claws on their feet by standing on their tail. So yeah we weren't gonna mess with that guy. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera that day but just know it was on steroids. 
We went to our investigator Stacey's house on Thursday to talk about her baptism on Saturday, and she and her older brother said their mom decided she wasn't ready to be baptized yet. We kind of freaked out because we thought she already had permission so the baptism had been announced and the program was all figured out and everything, fortunately Stacey's brother made one last appeal to their mom and got permission. Thank goodness. so the baptism on Saturday went great. I was able to do her confirmation on Sunday which was also great. Yesterday we door knocked into a super awesome Peruvian couple who said they had been trying to find out more about the Mormon church and practically begged us to come back since they were about to head out to a picnic. We graciously accomadated them. The wife asked if she could buy a book of mormon but of course we hand them out for free so I gave her one that I carry when we go door knocking. It was a super awesome experience so I hope that goes well when we see them on Sunday. So yeah that was my week hope you all had a good one.
Elder Cummings