Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 11, 2016

When training is kind of anti climatic

This week wasn't as exciting as others, but that's okay, because things are still going great! Spent the first few days of the week in Cairns waiting for Elder Bullock, my son (missionary lingo for the missionary I'm training). We drove up to this area called Port Douglas. It was an awesome drive because the road ran right along the ocean but since I was driving I didn't get any pictures :( Elder Hausia flew out on Monday and Elder Bullock flew in on Wednesday, and we drove back to our area Thursday morning. Elder Bullock is pretty cool, he's a farm boy from Alberta, Canada. We get along well, which I'm really glad about because otherwise it would be a long 12 weeks. It's weird though because I honestly thought I was going to get a Filipino companion. That's okay, though, I'm really glad I have someone who speaks English. Most of the week we just went around making visits to people. We found a couple new investigators, which hasn't happened in a while but it's a Fijian guy and his cousin. We taught about the Restoration and gave them a Book of Mormon, and as we were walking out the door the cousin had already picked it up and began reading it. So that was cool. Saturday I got a spiritual prompting to visit this former investigator family I found in the area book, and we talked to the dad for a while and found out the rest of the family lived in another house in town but they were still married and together and all that but they just wanted space. The dad was really glad to see us and we talked with him for a while but from the teaching record it was the wife and kids were the ones who got really close to baptism but the dad shut them down because he got anti-mormon bombed...he was a nice enough guy though but no matter what we tried we couldn't get the rest of the family's address out of him :( Hopefully one of these days we'll come across them. Sunday at church I gave a talk about how the Savior made people better because of the things he taught. We taught the Gospel Principles class off the cuff which happens every week but it was still a decent lesson. Other than that, I don't have much else. 
Elder Cummings

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