Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 10, 2016

This week sped by again, I think I'm getting to that point where people say the mission starts flying past. This week we were able to get a lot done as well. Monday and Tuesday we had a mini missionary from South Brisbane teach with us. He was really good at wanting to go out there and talk to people. For p-day we were going to eat at an authentic American restaurant but we didn't have enough time, so we just ate at McDonalds. 
Tuesday was interesting. Remember that guy who pulled up to us in his car and told us to come by? Well we finally caught up with him, he seemed really keen because he had lots of questions and had met with missionaries before in Enoggera, he had been starting to read the Book of Mormon again, but then things got weird when he started talking about how he had died and come back alive thousands of times and the government was breeding him so he had thousands of children, and that his roommate had tried to feed him one of them. Anyways he went on and on about this really creepy stuff but then Elder Evans asked if he had been diagnosed with any mental illnesses, to which he admitted to being criminally insane. So yeah that was probably the craziest experience of my mission so far. I'm not even sure if we'll want to see him again. He'll need help moving though, so we can do that.
Thursday we had trade-offs. I stayed in Bracken Ridge but one of the zone leaders, Elder Fao'logo worked with me for a day. He was really cool, he's 26 years old and already has a uni degree in computer technology or something but he was fun to serve with. We found one guy who just invited us in and we tried teaching him about our message and he kept connecting it to anime he had seen which was pretty funny but he invited us back which is good.
Nothing else that big happened this week, except for the fact we found 21 potential investigators which is the jackpot in this mission, we usually don't get any more than 8 or 9 a week. A few of them were pretty dodgy but some of them seem to be really solid. 
Nephi's baptism is this week, we're really excited for that, so we started getting to program together and I have confidence it'll go well. Nephi wants me to baptize him since I was one of the ones who started teaching him. 
So yeah it was a good week this week, unfortunately we didn't teach as many lessons as we wanted to but we worked our best. I've been reading Articles of Faith by James E Talmage in my free time, I highly recommend, it's a good read. 
Love Elder Cummings

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