Sunday, July 17, 2016

April 25, 2016

Yeah it's strange, I totally get it now when people always said the days go by slow but the weeks go by fast. So far the month is going by pretty slow though. This week not much happened other than ANZAC day, which is kind of a combination of Memorial/Veteran's day for Australians. They have a lot of localized parades and marches called "dawn services" and we were lucky to have one march right outside our flat while we were having breakfast. I'll email you a photo next week but I forgot my camera at the flat. We did a lot of door knocking that day but most people weren't home. The people who were though liked telling us about their family history though. 
Over the week we were able to find a couple new investigators. It's really hard to get people interested. The people here have become so disillusioned with truth and religion that most people believe all religions are true or none of them are. What's important to most people is if it makes a person do good in the world, and they see the Mormon church as just another interpretation of the Bible. A lot of other people believe that they already have Jesus Christ in their lives and everyone finds them in their own way, and others find it through and organized church. So it's a challenge getting people to keep commitments that will allow them to feel the Spirit testify that the LDS church is The Savior's own church. Regardless, my testimony continues to stay strong. 
Elder Cummings

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