Monday, February 6, 2017

January 29, 2017

Thank goodness for air conditioning and water
Man my emails must be really boring being so long so I'll try to keep this one short. MONDAY-We taught Andrew. He was on baptismal date, but then dropped us, so we went over a couple weeks ago and taught about the priesthood authority, he accepted it, a week later said he already arranged to get baptized into the Presbytarian church his family goes to, etc etc So we went over on Monday just kind of asking-"So.....what happened to the priesthood? Was there something that we didn't explain right?" And he said the day we went over and shared that his pastor from the Pres. church gave him a DVD...about the Mormons. And Jehovah's Witnesses. That made him decide not to go with the Mormon church. We couldn't get him to say what was on the DVD but GRR I was so frustrated. Luckily he said we could still come over anytime so we'll continue with that.
Overall we worked really hard trying to find new investigators through door knocking...and it has been soooo hot and humid. 
One night we were walking and a couple of drunk guys sitting outside the flat wanted to talk to us, so we did, and a few minutes later their neighbor got home in a motorized wheelchair and asked us to come by the next morning to rake up all the grass clippings in her lawn. So we did. Random highlight. We gave some blessings to some kids in the branch for the start of the school year (the school year runs from January to December here). 
Thursday we went to the senior couple's house with the rest of the zone to watch the missionary broadcast. It was really good, I learned a lot about how important it is to teach repentance and baptize converts. We taught our Japanese investigator on Thursday and she asked us to come by the next day because her internet had stopped working, and the customer service people were going to be calling her on Friday to fix it. So she needed us to talk to them to figure it out. That was interesting but fun. 
A couple Jehovah's Witnesses invited us in while we were door knocking on Friday, thank GOODNESS they didn't want to preach to us like most of them to because then we don't get any time to talk, but these JWs actually asked us a lot of questions about Mormons. They wouldn't accept the Book of Mormon we tried to give them but they did like how a lot of our beliefs are similar. 
Other than that, we're excited for this Friday because our investigator Xanthe is getting baptized and her recently reactivated husband is baptizing her! We baptized their son Ezias back in October so we're really glad to complete the family! Ezias got ordained a deacon last week and passed the sacrament for the first time yesterday. Anyways it was a busy week for us and it went by really really fast. Talk to you again!
Elder Cummings
Oh yes-I have pictures of a cicada that died outside our flat. His name is Cade.

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