Sunday, January 15, 2017

January 8, 2017

Teach by the spirit

Overall a pretty average week but a couple of really awesome highlights. First of which is we're finally getting some rain! The other highlights are much more exciting. We had trade offs with the Innisfail elders on Tuesday. Wednesday we had some good visits with people we hadn't seen in a while.
Last Monday one of our investigators, Andrew, texted us that he was going to get baptized into the Presbytarian church his family goes to. On Wednesday we worked up the courage to go and visit him to talk it over. I was honestly really scared going in because I'd never dealt with this kind of situation before. Whenever an investigator dropped us, that was it. But because Andrew was on baptismal date when he dropped us we didn't want to give up on him.
So we go in there and just start asking some questions to understand where he's coming from a bit better. I was still clueless about what to say or how to say it but we started talking about the story of Amulek from the Book of Mormon, and how sometimes the path we're meant to take to bring us closer to God is a path our family or friends may not understand or approve of. After that the Spirit took control and we were able to clear up Andrew's concerns. We talked about the necessity of being baptized by proper authority, and when he asked if his pastor held any of God's authority we straight up told him "no," but luckily he didn't take any offense to it he understood everything we talked about, and recommitted to being baptized by priesthood authority and understood the importance of gaining a testimony by reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. 
The rest of the week flew by, we taught a second lesson to our Japanese investigator, just as difficult as the first but we said we'd get more materials in Japanese because she's not understanding too much of what we're saying. We also visited one of our investigators who's on baptismal date but isn't sure about getting married with the senior couple from the Cairns area. That went well.
Yeah we didn't get to do a whole lot of door knocking because it's been raining-really hard. Seriously, it's constant jets of water shooting down from the sky. I've never seen it rain so hard for so long. But yeah. Have a good week!
Elder Cummings

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