Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 23, 2016

Happy days
Oh man, my head is all over the place right now, mostly because I'm so excited for my brother Conrad to serve a mission in Russia! Wow, did not expect that. But we had a great last week of transfers. Unfortunately Elder Rossi, our third companion, ended up going back down south to Brisbane. Because of the incoming/departing missionary ratio they don't have the man power to send up here, so we're gonna have to wait til next transfer to have 4 missionaries in the area. But me and Elder Hausia are both staying, which makes it the first time I've had the same companion for 3 transfers. He's fun so I don't mind. The Zone Leaders told me they recommended me to be District Leader (which means they would move the DL area to Atherton) and train but it didn't end up happening, because the district leader Elder Acevedo ended up staying in Innisfail. Whew. 
Last Monday we went to a resevoir called Lake Tinaroo, apparently it's only at 40% or something because there's a drought but it was nice. Found a couple of big dead fish washed up on shore.
The week as a whole went really well, I think we did maybe only an hour or two of door knocking the whole week because we were teaching a lot of lessons. Plus we were preparing our young investigator Ezias to be baptized on Sunday. Saturday we had a district missionary training conference where the branch mission team and auxiliary presidents in each branch came and received training from the Zone Leaders and President Houser (who's a senior missionary but also 2nd counselor in the mission presidency and 2nd counselor in the district presidency). It was pretty good. 
Sunday we had Ezias' baptism. We had to organize things pretty quickly because the family was gone for the dad's bodybuilding competition in Gold Coast. So we had to organize everything within a week of the baptism. Plus, we weren't even sure if the baptism was going to be on Sunday because the dad (who's a returning member) needed to be interviewed to have an okay to baptize his son. But then we found out he's only a deacon, so he needed to get the priesthood, and then a few days later we learned that he's not married to his partner so he couldn't get ordained and things in time for the baptism. In spite of all that, heaps of people came to the baptism and it went really good. I played the piano for the hymns and Elder Rossi and Elder Hausia gave the talks. One of the brothers in the ward who's good friends with the family baptized Ezias. Because he's an investigator, he won't get confirmed until next week but we still need to ask him who he wants to give him the gift of the Holy Ghost. 
Today we drove down to Cairns to drop off Elder Rossi. We went to the Houser's flat for a little while and talked to them, they're pretty cool. Senior couples always are, though. Apparently next week our zone has permission to have a p-day together and a full p-day which means we don't have to start proselyting at 6 like most p-days, we can go all the way to 9. So yeah, that's our week. Hope your's was good as well. 

Elder Cummings

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