Monday, August 22, 2016

August 21, 2016

That's it, I'm done (kidding)
Well guys, I don't see a huge need to continue. I got what I came here for, so that's that. There was a specific goal I had in mind, and it's been done, so, yeah. I really liked it here but there was really only one reason, and that was to see a kangaroo. It took months, but yes, it's finally happened. Almost a quarter of the way through my mission and I finally see some kangaroos. Haha, just kidding though, there's no way you could make me go home at this point, things are going to well and I've hardly been out! But we really did see some kangaroos though, it was awesome. We were just driving around Mareeba and we drove past a park, I thought I saw some stumps there but my companion told me they were kangaroos, so we turned around and I took some pictures real fast. Plus on Monday we were driving way out in the bush to a member's house for dinner and we came across a HUGE SNAKE. For some reason the camera was being really stupid and would only take crappy pictures. But I did my best. 
The members we had dinner with were the Ziegelbauers, an old couple, Brother Z is one of those guys who can basically do anything because he teaches himself. He grew up an orphan, and he's from Austria or Germany or something but he taught himself how to read, write, weld, build boats, build houses, cook, everything. He apparently spent most of his career hunting crocs, so yeah, there's that too. Said he's killed thousands. He showed us a picture of the boat he built himself and man, it's a huge boat. 
Got a haircut from one of the members on Wednesday, and set a baptismal date with our 12 year old investigator Cody. He's pretty solid but we'll have to work it out with his mom, too, she's an investigator but not as keen because she thinks church is boring but we'll continue to work with her. 
Friday we followed up with a potential who said he's a pastor for a non-denom church, and that's not completely true because from what we talked about they're mostly Pentecostal, but they follow this guy who lived in the 1900s named William Branham, a preacher who claimed to have visions and prophecies about WWII and other stuff and healed heaps of people. Thousands, apparently.His followers believe him to be a prophet of God and a fulfillment of the prophecy of Malachi about sending the spirit of Elijah before the coming of the Lord. Okay. We were able to commit him to read the Book of Mormon but he's got a really strong testimony in what he believes in. While we were finding we knocked into a lady who said she had just moved to the area recently and had felt prompted by God to move to the area we were knocking in. She told us about how she'd been looking at different churches for her family and so we told her about our church and the restoration of the Gospel and how what we believe is different from other Christian sects. That was a great blessing! 
Saturday we saw our investigator Stuart who said he read some "interesting" stuff about Joseph Smith on the Internet so we told him he had to read the Book of Mormon first, and tried to resolve some of his other concerns about Jesus Christ having a specific "church" He wants us to go to. We also saw the old Seventh day Adventist we saw last week, and he wanted us to bring him the Book of Mormon on CD, since his eyes are bad for reading. Sunday we door knocked pretty much all day, no potentials but this one old lady had some visitors over for lunch and offered us some cake, obviously we politely said yes so she goes inside and we hear her say "Francine, there's some nice Mormon boys at the door, is it okay if they have some of your cake?" And we stand there kind of awkwardly but it was good cake. That's pretty much it! Hard to believe it's already half way through the transfer.
Elder Cummings

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